Hello Kitty Smashing Pumpkins

It seems that all of Hello Kitty’s love and kindness wasn’t quite able to save her from this ignoble fate. Now if only I was allowed to do that to our pumpkins each year, I could definitely celebrate the evil feline’s birthday in style each year. Nothing wrong with dreaming…

Hello Kitty smashing pumpkins

Sent in by swipper

Update: Almost as satisfying as a smashed Hello Kitty pumpkin is a Hello Kitty pumpkin that goes wrong during the carving…

Hello Kitty pumpkin failure

Sent in by Jaime

Hello Kitty and Disco Stormtrooper Costumes

This is definitely going to be a long and horrifying Halloween if this is any indication of the Hello Kitty Halloween costumes that will be finding their way into my mailbox over the next few days. If you can be judged by the friends you keep, this pretty much explains the Hello Kitty I know…

Hello Kitty Disco Stormtrooper

Sent in by simon

Hello Kitty Halloween Tattoo

I have reached the point that I no longer even try to understand why Hello Kitty fanatics choose to ink the stuff they do on themselves. Despite the fact that nobody in the right mind would ever want to see it, I guess that with Halloween so close to the evil feline’s birthday that it had to happen — the Hello Kitty Halloween tattoo:

Hello Kitty Halloween tattoo

Sent in by josie

How To Make a Hello Kitty Mascot Head

They really don’t celebrate Halloween in Japan, but that doesn’t stop my wife from doing her best to bring the evil feline into the holiday anyway. The one thing that she absolutely hates is that she can’t dress up in a Hello Kitty costume like she sees so many people do in the US, but since this guide on how to create your own Hello Kitty mascot head landed in my mailbox, she’s been strongly hinting that we need to join some of the US Halloween party celebrations in costume. Yet one more thing to worry about in Hello Kitty Hell…

Hello Kitty mascot head

Sent in by tauney (via instructables)

Hello Kitty Jack-o-Lantern

It’s not like there was any surprise that this was coming. My wife loves to create Hello Kitty pumpkins and the fanatics out there have never had a problem sending me their Hello Kitty pumpkin carving creations to give my wife more ideas. I have the distinct feeling that I will be getting more to add whether I want them or not because Hello Kitty fanatics don’t understand the concept of “don’t share” and they seem to feel (for some unfathomable reason) it’s their duty to make my life all the more Hello Kitty Hellish.

Hello Kitty Jack-o-Lantern

Sent in by Alice

Hello Kitty 3D pumpkin

Sent in by Jessica

Hello Kitty bat bow pumpkin

From Shelly via Facebook

Hello Kitty skeleton pumpkin

Sent in by carmenkitty

Hello Kitty Jack-o-Lantern

Sent in by Gayla

Hello Kitty pumpkin carving

Sent in by hellokitty_luver

Hello Kitty Halloween jack-o-lantern

Sent in by Layla

Hello Kitty samurai pumpkin

Sent in by Ericka (“I thought someone might enjoy seeing an evil Hello Kitty with a katana that I made into a jack o lantern last night.”)

Hello Kitty pumpkin 2006

Hello Kitty pumpkin witch

Hello Kitty pumpkin jack-o-latern

Hello Kitty pumpkin face

Left by Kathryn via facebook — one for each of the last four years.

Hello Kitty jackolatern

Left by MSNikkiD via twitter

hello kitty pumpkin carving

Sent in by Kelsey

Hello Kitty Grim Reaper

October is the start of the worst three months if you happen to live with a Hello Kitty fanatic. The main issue is that the evil feline has her birthday on November 1 which is like giving the Hello Kitty fanatic vast amounts of crack cocaine every day for the entire month preceding it. Halloween only feeds into the frenzy because the holiday gives the fanatic an excuse to actually dress up as Hello Kitty under the guise of a Halloween costume even though we all know this is what she would prefer to wear on a daily basis. The result is that Halloween pretty much guarantees that Hello Kitty pumpkins are going to be carved and Hello Kitty costumes are coming out of the closet to be worn way too many times. Then when the birthday ends, good old Christmas is just around the corner and all the Hello Kitty gifts the Hello Kitty fanatic imagines she will receive continue to ensure that Hello Kitty Hell will be burning red hot into the New Year.

With this in mind, I’m already mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of Hello Kitty Halloween costumes (and other Hello Kitty
Halloween crap) that are bound to fill my mailbox in the coming weeks. If I’m going to have to see these, let’s at least hope that most of them go for reality and show Hello Kitty for who she really is like this Hello Kitty grim reaper costume:

Hello Kitty grim reaper costume

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Hello Kitty Halloween Nightmare

For some reason people feel it’s important to send photos of their Hello Kitty Halloween themed crap which pretty much makes Halloween one of the holidays I least look forward to and a Hello Kitty Hellish nightmare. The only bright spot is that there is no Halloween in Japan so I escape the indignity of having to dress up in some Hello Kitty themed costume with my wife (one reason I dread ever moving back to the US). Some of those photos that for some inexplicable reason I didn’t delete against my better judgement:

Hello Kitty pumpkin costume

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