Hello Kitty 18k Gold Phone Strap

It’s really not like my wife needs to pimp out her cell phone in Hello Kitty anymore than it already is, but then that simple piece of logic never makes any sense to a Hello Kitty fanatic. Thus she has her eyes on a $462 (50,000 yen) 18k gold (1.8 grams) Hello Kitty phone strap which she says will make the perfect accessory:

Hello Kitty 18k gold phone strap

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Hello Kitty Portable Body Fat Meter

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell, one of the worst sounds you can hear is the doorbell. That is because there is a 99% chance that whoever is ringing it is doing so with the intention of adding yet another piece to the ever growing mountain of Hello Kitty crap that has already found its way into your house. Today’s doorbell ring did not disappoint.

It’s already been well established that Hello Kitty has produced more than her fair share of completely useless gadgets, but it doesn’t appear that this will in any way stop her from producing more. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the Hello Kitty portable body fat meter exists:

Hello Kitty body fat meter

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Hello Kitty Kaleidoscope Projector

Kaleidoscopes are bad. Taking a kaleidoscope and making it into a projector so that you can beam the ever moving images on a wall or ceiling is worse — much worse. Taking the background of a kaleidoscope projector and filling it with Hello Kitty images to create the Hello Kitty kaleidoscope projector is nothing short of Hello Kitty Hell:

Hello Kitty kaleidoscope

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Hello Kitty Robomop

In Hello Kitty Hell one would imagine that it couldn’t get worse than having Hello Kitty on every shelf constantly staring back at you in your home, but then that would be once again underestimating the evil feline. Now I have to constantly watch where I walk so that I don’t trip over my wife’s latest addition to her ever growing collection: the Hello Kitty Robomop:

Hello Kitty Robomop

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More Hello Kitty Computer Laptops

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise since we all know that Hello Kitty will do anything to make a buck, but the evil feline has decided to turn computer laptops into a fashion statement and roll out new themes every 6 months. The process has been building over the years. At one point, you had to actually pimp out your own Hello Kitty computer before Epson decided to bling out the laptop for you. From there is went down hill. That success lead to monogrammed Hello Kitty themes and we all prayed that would put things to an end, but alas Epson has decided to come out with 2 more Hello Kitty themes: Flower and Airplane

Hello Kitty Epson Laptop Flowers

Hello Kitty Epson Computer Airplane

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Hello Kitty Washing Machine

In her never ending quest to Hello Kittify everything, the evil feline has gradually moved up in size when it comes to appliances. It therefore should not be a surprise (although you are more than welcome to feel intense disgust) that Sanrio is now pushing a Hello Kitty washing machine:

Hello Kitty washing machine

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